Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New RD Yum Yums!

Reasonable Desires has my fave lingerie, as most people who know me by now know well. So every month when the group gift is released I get all excited. This month I got...sexified.

The group gift is this saucy little number which can be worn with or without the waist cincher. All you have to do is join the group and touch the sign in the store to receive.

The picks rewards gift can be worn with or without pantyhose and is just skankalicious. So much fun!

They also released this Juliette lingerie which is only 99L and comes with thong or french-cut panty option. Good deal, IMO.

And since apparently I am posing in my undies today I will also show the Cherie, which is not free (150L) but I look really hot :P

OK, go down to RD have some fun, say hi to me if I am working.

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