Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skin Party Part 1

OK, so I haven't blogged for a while due to the even and such, so now you have to bear with me while I play catch up! I am going to do two skin posts in a row to show you just SOME of the good skin deals out there waiting for you!

First up, we have Imagen. Ever since their free mannequin skin I have been keeping an eye on these guys and being in the update group is worth it because i got to know right away about the 1L Valentine's day special skins!! There are several skin tones in the holiday makeup available as you can see. Each tone is 1L and you pay the pink heart to purchase. So pretty!!

Second we have freebies from Skin Tight and [42]. The one from Skin Tight is a prize in one of the grid wide hunts, so it costs 0L! Yay! The dirty skin is from [42] and it is one of their awesome weekly freebies. Time to play in the dirt!

Third we have some of the skins you can get from being in the M&R Cupcakes update group (there is also a skin with a light lipped makeup that I forgot to take a pic of). the group is 250L to join, but well worth it. I am wearing the freckled skins, but there are non-freckled options as well.

OK..time for the second batch lol. And I am sure there will be more later too :P

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