Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skin Party Part 2

Ok So the vast majority of the skins in this next post are not free. They range in prices from 0L-250L, so read carefully if you are on a budget!

First up we have Soft Touch Skins. There are so many ways to get a good deal at this store. They have a picks rewards skin, skin for avs under 30 days, the normal price of the skin is only 500L, the hippo group gets occasional gifts, and then you have these ways too. The first two skins are part of the weekly 15L gift. That's right, every week or so there is a new 15L gift box with a mix of things. Could be skins, hair, clothes, shoes, eyes, poses, who knows? But it is always something awesome. The next few skins are a gift in the Soft Touch update group. There are also some really fun poses in the notices that I am in love with. The last skin is in the 10L promo box in the store along with some other goodies. I didn't really capture how cool the decorative makeup is on the pale tone, so you should go buy it and check it out for yourself.

OK, now, onto the lovely Chai skins. The Chai outlet in the Port Seraphine SIM has changed the prices. All the skins are now priced at only 250L. OMG! JOY! I bought all of these and you can clearly see why I love them. For most of them I used a gift card I received from a friend but I did spend almost all my remaining Ls on the rest and it was so worth it!!! (Anyone who has an extra Chai gift card is welcome to pass it along to me, lmao!) I am wearing the Ginger tone, but there is a HUGE variety of tones from light to dark to choose from.

Also, Chai is selling a skin from their new skin line (priced at 950L normally) for only 450L called Love Lace at the Love Lace lingerie outlet across the way at Port Seraphine. I would show it to you, but alas, I am broke now, haha. The skin is only priced at 450L through Febuary 14th, then will return to its normal price.

OK, so that's skins for now! On to the other goodies! MWA!

P.S.-I realized way after I was taking all of these skin photos that I was wearing a lip ring. Sorry if it makes it hard to see the skins somehow. I do think it's cute though :P

P.P.S.- Also a reminder again to click the photos for a bigger view to check out the details!

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