Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snapshot! Take my picture red hotttt.

So like my Butthole TP'd me somewhere to show me something. (Yes, my friends name REALLY is Butthole.) Anyways we land at this odd little place, and he shows me a free photo booth. He hops in a display one and shows me how it works. I rezzed it today and well, me and Trickett played for a bit, then Wrenny showed up. I went back, and they have some other freebs out that I forgot to get. So! Here is all the fun. Head to Go GOing Ark, and fetch you some goodies.

This is me, as a tiny pirate (free at the dock) and the photobooth.

And then, they have a free pirate outfit for men and women, and a free eyepatch. Both seen here.

If you don't read Japanese, and have very little patience, then I will explain how you use the booth. It's easy, hop on it, and when you type, it appears. Nothing special there. To change your poses, yes E, C, or page up/page down. To change the foreground and backgrounds you can use your movement keys. Just play with it, it's easy. It also rezzed dummies.

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