Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feel Misty!

More goodies, then I am done blogging until at least tonight, haha!

First up, Pop Feel has new item camps. They change frequently, so don't be lazy if you want to get theses items.

20 mins for this sparkly dress:

15 mins for matching polka dot shoes!

And if you join the update group you can get these green shoes that match their retro outfit free as well:

And a wonderful lady from the LCS group named Samarra TP's me to a chair at a store I had never been to called Cylyria's Misty Gardens. The lucky chairs there are filled with some really truly amazing things. One of the things I won was this arch that has GROWING flowers on it. Like, when you rez the arch it is totally bare, but then flowers start to grow and wrap around it. So beautiful.

There is another lucky chair outside in a bid old tree HERE that has clothes inside it. I won this shiny outfit with glittering stockings! The letters only change every 60 mins, so make sure to bring some friends. There are several outfits in the chair.

I also won a cute nesting silver hummingbird that flies around your home and i took a picture but for some reason i can't find it on my computer. SO..I will post it later. The bird is really cute :D

Alright, have some fun and enjoy you SLife!

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