Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ameni M Hana Mini-Hunt

Ameni M Hana is a store I had never been to before yesterday. I was wandering aimlessly around the grid and stumbled upon the shop. Lucky for me, there was a mini hunt! If you search for the three pink sculpty hearts around the shop you can find these two swimsuits:

But the best prize, in my opinion, is this set of two giant kitties with milk! EEEEEE! The cuteness. There is the really big one on the right and the medium big one on the left. The hunt is really easy so don't cheat :P There is also a free swimsuit at the front of the store if you are not interested in hunting.

Also, every Saturday, as we know, the Lovely Shops have a big sale. I decided every week (if I have enough L's) to show one item I found that I really liked on sale. This week I got this Likka House outfit for only 25L. It is frilly and white and come with a hat! Weee! Go get it.
P.S.- in the second picture the sweater I am wearing is from M&R Cupcakes, which now has a subscribo, not just the group. Join the subscribo and receive the grey sweater as a gift. The re plaid skankalicious dress is from Luna's Boutique. Luna's has other freebies, including a really hot pillow fighter outfit which I couldn't get a good pic of.


Anonymous said...

Has something changed?

I looked and looked for stars without any luck. :( I wants a kitteh!

I didn't even see a swimsuit in front of the store.

sileny said...

here's what was wrong: I'm an idiot, lmao. it is actually pink sculpty hearts, not stars. I edited the post to fix that, sorry!!

sileny said...

ok the kitty hunt is now over :/