Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Deals

Here are some freebies and good deals I got recently. Not really a theme here, just good stuffs.

First off, Miu has this pretty demin dress as a group gift. It is so sweet and spring-like. The green dress and tan dress are 5L each. They are sort of hard to find, you have to go up into the little loft where the bath tub is and buy the flat textures that are on the floor. There are other 5L dresses too. They are all very feminine and sweet <3

Second, we all know about Uncle Wiggly and the awesome freebs. But I am going to show some stuffs anyway :P The patchwork dress is 1L..I think..and the green dress is also 1L..I think. Either 0L or 1L anyway. The purple dress is 30L and is in the window amongst the 100L dresses.

And when you're done wiggling, don't forget to check out the latest from the Magi Take Shop. (The shop is right next to Uncle Wiggly, I forgot to make a seperate slurl, so just go outside Uncle Wiggly and you'll find it.) Everything there is 10L. Most people know about this shop by now, but in case you don't, now you do. (Wow..what a sentance lmao) This is the dress I bought most recently:

OK..hope these were helpful!

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