Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green For 'Spring' >.>

Tokeo Plastik or The Plastik as they now could be, has a new group gift out for March and as I often find in TP's things it has stuff for men as well. :3 So I polished up my male shape a bit, he's still a work in progress, the male mesh is lumpy. :/

The hoodie also comes with a hood fitted for female avies and a pocket at the front.

Tops for women.

Scarves, which I would presume are uni-sex because they're scarves. x:
There's also a ton of eyes in the box including some black 'soul-less' eyes and cybernetic looking blue ones.

You will need to join the group then go to the store and buy the giftbox for 1L. They give out gifts on a monthly basis and usually have some skins out too so they're a good group slot eater. :3

Tops, scarves and eyes - Tokeo Plastik - March Group Gift