Monday, March 9, 2009

So Very Random

You are going to be seeing a lot of random stuff posts coming up from me. I have been taking pictures of items for days now and been too lazy to blog (well, and really sick ). So let's get going.

First, FD Decor has this ADORABLE bunny chair in the lucky chair. When you click its belly you get an egg. When you sit it gives you a variety of male and female pose options, with or without the egg. It's so cute and sweet!! FD Decor is going to be in a couple of hunts soon so keep a watch on them.

OK if you need even more sweetness, check out Risusipo Chipmunk Shop. They have a nee vendor inside with head chipmunks. 20L gets you a shot at a random little guy. You can't tell in the picture, but the chipmunk eats the little acorn and little bits come flying off and it rocks.

Outside of Risusipo Chipmunk Shop is a barrel with swords sticking out of it. You can play a really funny game and win prizes with it. One of the gifts is there fun glasses with flapping wings. You basically have to randomly choose swords and if you get all 12 you get the gift. If you don't get all 12...well...hilarious things happen! You have to try it.

And finally, more from Milestone Creations. This store is very, very generous with the gifts and sales. And the more subscribo members the more gifts we get! The last two gifts are this scarf:

And this cute St. Patty's day lip ring. I have a feeling more gifts are coming so get on this subscribo!!


Anonymous said...

lol I took a ride 5 times and that silly barrel never gave me anything. Too fun. I gave in to the chipmunk cuteness and got an otter. =).

Thanks for giving me an excuse to visit Oz.


sileny said...

hahah! aww keep trying! the barrel gives up eventually lolol.