Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hair and Skin...

...the essentials of a hottie av. HAHA. I have both for you now! Freeeee!

First off, hair from my love love love hair spot, Calico Ingman Creations. The Miami Fusion SIM is having a hunt and Calico has a hair outlet there. The hair is really easy to find, it is just a box on the floor and it isn't small or anything haha. There are two styles for men and two styles for women but, as you can see, I dig the short styles for me too. The skin I am wearing is a grand opening gift from Olivia Skins. SO PRETTY! I really like this skin. It is simple, but like, not boring at all. I suggest you go find it and try it! it is 0L on the wall at the landing point.

P.S.- Ty Natsu and Elli <3

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