Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yabu Kitchen!

Few things for ya here while I have a break from the child rearing (TY grandma! lmao)

First up, Slow Kitchen has a new a new group gift you can pick up in store. This "dingy dress" is sure not dingy in my opinion! In fact, it will probably a wardrobe staple for Xonx.

Second Yabu SIM is holding an event for St. Patrick's day. Each store is putting out a gift! Yabusaka is giving out these great boots with the cute shamrock charm:

Kyccie's and KonohanaSakuya are giving out a few gift, including this kimono set:

And this dress / head dress:

So frilly and cute!

The event has not officially started, so some stores do not have their gifts for sale. Consider this an early warning :P


okrebecca said...

hey hun. wrong slurl i'm sure map is borking here's the yabu store in yabu sim http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/159/158/22 boots are in the clover foliage

sileny said...

stupid map XO

Maybe i just c&p'd the wrong thing too...sometimes is stupid bloggers fault not stupid map...but I'll still blame the map XD

Wrenja said...

Good to know you're still reading darling <333333