Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Just a quick complaint:

Can we stop all the who blogged it first nonsense?? I keep seeing comments all over other blogs, and even ours, complaining that "this has already been blogged by such-and-such other blog" or hearing people say stuff like "I blogged that first and now she is blogging it what a b*tch" or whatever. Stupidest argument ever.

We blog because we want people to find these goodies. If more people find them because the freebs are posted on more than one blog, well, that's great! Of course seeing all the same things on every blog is boring for those that read several, so we try to find new stores, sales, and goodies every day to keep you entertained.

The other thing is how can someone complain about "Blog A already blogged that group gift so blog B must have stolen the idea from them"....did people ever stop to think that maybe the person from blog B was in the group? Or has a friend in the group that informed them of the gift? Again...stupidest argument ever.

And on another note, people who complain about freebie blogs showing "lesser quality items" need to stfu. I can only speak for our blog, but I am sure other bloggers agree, we only post things we like or really think other people will like. If you don't like what is being posted on the blogs, then go find your own things. There are hours upon hours spent by the bloggers finding these items. I personally spend almost every L I get every week on dollarbies and sales, trying out new things, to see if they are good enough for the blog. Some weeks I spend hundreds of Ls and find hardly anything, but I keep buying things so I can tell the difference between what sucks and what rocks so you don't have to.

Blogging relevent items is more work than people think. I don't know about every blog, but here we stalk our own chairs, buy our own items, join groups, get our messages capped almost hourly if we don't log on...basically spend lots of time to sift through the tons of coal to find the diamonds.

Quit complaining. If you don't like it, don't look.

If you do like it, well, keep looking and we'll keep showing!

Ok that wasn't really a quick complaint after all :P

Love to the lovers,


Sorrowburn Aeon said...


To all the bitches who complain Blog X blogged something already, just a little note:


Nobody really gives 2 shits if it's been blogged on 300 blogs, srsly.

I read L/H and D-List and that's it. I don't have all day long JUST to read all the bloggers of SL's blogs, sorry.

Bring us your hate, it completes us.

Green Dream said...

Lyke, o mah gawd, eye was ttly dinkin bout dis erler, so u stole mai complaint ideah!!!!1111elevenity11!!!

Yes, people do take pride in doing something first (especially if you're an American or from a similar individual-focused culture). And there is nothing wrong with it as a concept alone. But blogging is not a competitive sport, nor really a 'designer' field.

Consider the basic men's button-down dress shirt in real life. How many different designers make it? How many different stores sell it? How many magazines have ads or articles with it? Sure, each designer has (hopefully) their own unique cut and stitching to the piece, each store places it on display differently, and each magazine will place the ad/review in different spots to compliment the overall content. However, there is no 'theft' going on, and if people complain that Sears has a shirt that is also being sold at JC Penny's (other than about the price difference), then people generally look at said complainer like they are nuts.

Because they are. In fact, the term that comes to mind is anal-retentive.

The same thing is true with blogs: we all have our own style and our own way of presenting things. Yes, there is the potential for copy-cat, but let us, the bloggers, deal with that. If you have a concern (which is different than bitching), politely tell one of us, and we'll deal with it.

As for bloggers being nitpicky and conceited about the 'first' position, there is no damn entitlement that because you showed it, no one else gets to. Frankly, I've been tempted to blog some things shown by writers like that just to aggravate them and make a point.'s 'The Same Damn Thing' challenge has a great lesson relating to this: even with identical items, we can do things differently.

Personally, I enjoy posting it and seeing if other people blog about something, as I wonder if anyone was inspired by my pieces. I know it's not always like that, but I think a lot of people could benefit from thinking like that.

I'm going to stop rambling now, as I'm probably getting on people's nerves. :D

Alexx Usbourne said...

I think I saw that complaint on someone else's blog! :P just kiddin' ya!
I appreciate all that you lovelies do, and for taking the time to weed things out so I don't have to.
I do have a request, though, can you get my inventory in order?! (hehe then I don't have to do THAT either!)

Prudence said...

No more drama on this blog, from anyone. So, let's carry on about our blogging ways, and you guys can carry on reading whom you fancy.

Anonymous said...

The problem with one of your comments, i.e., "If you don't like it, don't look" is irrelevant when Wrenja has named herself as the "official" blogger of the Twisted Hunt.

Seemingly, you want to gain a wider audience by blogging items on this hunt. But you will turn away more people who are put off by all the swearing and poor attitudes that Wrenja and Prudence have towards.... well, everyone.

Yes, its your blog. Yes, you get to say what you want on it. But its not cool to scream at anyone who has a different opinion than you. We are all different. We all like different things.

On another note... are you done blogging Twisted Hunt items. Or have you only blogged the four or five item that you like? There are 103 items on the hunt, you should be blogging and/or showing most, if not all, of them.

Wrenja said...

Love/Hate is the Official source of info for the Twisted Hunt. You can take a look on the Official Twisted Hunt blog, and see for yourself. Or did the Official Twisted Hunt blog just decide to name themselves that because they could?

Vasha and I made a deal, Vasha is the organizer for the hunt, so yes, Love/Hate is actually the official source for information about the Twisted Hunt, its not just me being big headed, because while I may be an ego maniac, I don't just run around calling myself things that I'm not.

Prudence said...

I love how uneducated some of your comments are, readers. Before you kids assume you know any of us or what we are doing, much less why we do it, get some fact to back up your statements.

Wrenja did not declare herself an official blogger of anything. It was a deal made between the organizers and the blog they wanted covering their hunt.

If you don't approve of how we blog things here, go blog shit yourself. At least have the gull to admit who you are instead of posting anonymously, especially if you want to run around starting shit.

Now enough of this. No more bullshit comment. No one is asking anyone to read the blog, whether we are the source for a hunt or not. It's up to you if you do the hunt, read the blogs covering the hunt, and regardless of what we blog other blogs have gone over items of the Twisted hunt too, so if you don't like it, go read one of the other blogs that is covering it.

Now enough, the bottom line is if any single one of you have an issue with us, the way we blog, what we blog, when we blog, then don't read the blog. No one is twisting arms or forcing people to read this blog, and you doing so only affect yourself.

A side note though, is Wrenja and I may be bitchy and you don't have to fancy the way we treat some people, but your anonymous comment doesn't make you any better. Grow some balls, and grow up.

Anonymous said...


as usual, you have totally missed the point.

My apologies if I had mistakenly used the word "official". My question was merely, are you finished blogging the items.

Prudence, your hate-filled, over-the-top answer to my post is incredible. I was commenting, in the comment section of your blog, not "starting shit".

I was only here looking because I heard about the Twisted Hunt and thought you may have some interesting information. If you don't want comments, some of which you will NOT agree with, then turn off the commenting feature in your blog.

Or, just maybe, you could read the comments like an adult and realize your audience is speaking to you.

Yes, I will always post to this blog anonymously. Who wants to get ripped to shreds publicly by you?

Wrenja said...

I honestly, don't feel like I should answer you in any regard after insulting me the way you have, but no, we're not don't blogging the twisted hunt, remember the hunt goes on all month, I don't want to blog everything in the first week.

Kelly said...

all i can say is.. aren't we all adults? act like it. who cares who posted what first. it's for everyone right.. just love it.. don't hate on it

Honey Hoffman said...

Wow!! I had no idea any of these comments were being made AT ALL! As a fellow freebie blogger, I have to say flat out that I don't care who posts what first or if things are blogged several times. Hell, I admittedly have even ran and got a freebie for myself that I saw on this blog and others like it.. What we post on our blogs are what we consider a "good find" or "blog worthy". As a blogger, its our right to pick and choose what we do/don't blog about. I think Wrenja and Pru are handling themselves rather nicely.. They spend their time doing this for the people.. and it's people who are so negative and hateful that really make us doubt why we are doing what we do.
You have no right to place doubt in anyone. So really all I have to say is t(^.^t)

As far as the Twisted Hunt goes.. Congratulations for being named the official blog! That's a huge honor and can only imagine how excited y'all were when you got the news!!

That doesn't mean tho that they are the only blog that will be posting hunt items or that they are required to post X amount of items to appease you.

Oh and on a final note.. Post your name next to whatever you have to say, or don't say anything at all. Its hard to take something seriously from someone without the balls to say who they are. >.<

That's just my opinion..for whatever its worth, if anything.

<3 this blog!

finding the filth said...

people who complain to bloggers have too much time on their hands.

get a freakin' hobby ya whiners! :P

Syn said...

I love how the only person who has shit to throw does it anonymously. Why is there still anonymous posting on the blog? It brings out the trolls. Ugh.

I've never read anything here that suggested to me any of the ladies had a 'poor attitude' towards anyone but temper-tantrum throwing drama llamas. As for the original post... *points up at it* Yeah, what she said.

Wrenja said...

I'm not afraid of what people have to say to me, as its largely bullshit. So I keep anonymous posting open, but still, even with that freedom, it'd be nice to see some of these cowards stand by what they say. I don't harass people, your hate fuels me.