Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ribbons and lace

Kunstkammer has a darling new set of bracelets out that are worth checking out. Its the romantigoth bracelet set, and it retails for 300L. Now, this isn't just one bracelet, so don't worry your little head about that. You get a ribbon bracelet in five sizes (xs, s , m, l, xl) and then you get the silvery resin cuff in five sizes as well.But you also get a set of earrings, and the earrings floored me, if only for the fact that they fit perfectly, no having to adjust anything. Thats so rare, I didn't know what to do with myself. I was dumbfounded :o
The ribbon bracelets are really special though. The ribbon under the fleur de lis is color change, and there are ten colors to choose from. I achieved this look by wearing the right size for me on my lower wrist, and a size larger on my wrist. It takes a little bit of adjusting, but it looks great, don't you think? I love all of the little details on the bracelets, from the chains to the bits of lace, it adds so much to the feel and it is the mark of someone who really put a lot of love into this piece. Everything about these bracelets is exquisite, and Nuala should be proud of the work she does.

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