Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Junwave Happens

Sh*t Happens has all their skins on sale for 100L as well as one for only 1L! Weeee! I chose this pretty red one for 100L, which comes with freckled and not freckled options. Red lips are sooo...yum. The hair I am wearing is from the Junwave lucky board. Didn't know Junwave had a lucky board? That's because it is a recent addition! And now you know. Go stalk. :P

This next skin is the dollarbie from Sh*t Happens. I really love the cheeks. It comes in other tones too and with a no freckles option as well.

And since we are on the subject of Junwave and awesome stuff, just have to share my new purchase, which isn't free at all (180L), but I love. Sugary treats on my haaaiiirrr. Love it.


Casia Serpente said...

i'd comment but i'm on my way to junwave :P

sileny said...

lmao! Junwave = the awesomeness