Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunshine and Rainbows

Ok, so once you have gone to FM and grabbed all the 10L goodies and freebies, head over to Under the Sun for some more fun times goody goodness. This rainbow shirt and bangles was 1L. Yay! bright color weee!

Now..my fave part..they have all these awesome shoe/legwarmer sets for 50L each. Each set has the sexy thigh-high legwarmers as well as the shoes and tons of cute little add-ons to fit the theme. There was a cupcake one (why I didn't get it, I have no idea...I'm going to have to go back!) as well as a few more, but i thought I would get this paint set to match the rainbow top! Look at the cute little paint brushes and paints and awww I love it.

There are lots of other furniture goodies there and even some more free clothes. Go check it out!

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