Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Randoms

Watch Out! Here comes freebies!
First, Sentou Yousei sent out a subscribo gift. These bunny slippers!!! I love them so much I can't even stand it. Agh!

Next, Peppermint Blue has the next round of sailor outfits out free. Go get them!

Jinx'd Voodoo has another MM. This crazy "Satan's fish". Gotta love the zaniness!

Then, Fantasma Plaza is having a spring cleaning sale. Many stores have inexpensive items out front. I only grabbed the free/1L items due to my extreme brokeness :P The items are really cute. Some are past group gifts, holiday items, or just random. I really liked this free skin from Less Than Three:

And these dollarbies from Twosome (skirt and top) and the socks from Split Pea.

OK..go have fun!

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