Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo Contestishsorta.

My girly Mashi is having a sort of contest for her store On The Cover. She had an epiphany and realized she needed a little artistic flare to her shop, so she's calling on you!

Here is the deal, Mashi has a couple of open slots around the shop for photos, yours!
This isn't a contest to win a prize, or gain profit on either end. Instead it's to showcase GOOD SL photography around On The Cover.

Her Rules;
  • You must use one of her poses, single, couple, or group!
  • Show off the pose; Long dresses or big gowns can cover the pose.
  • All submissions must be full permission!
  • Verticle Posters; 1024px high and 512px wide! Name can be on the top or bottom, well seen but not all over the poster.
  • Horizontal Posters; 512px high and 1024px wide! Name to one side or the other.
  • In general, Mashi says BE ARTISTIC AND CREATIVE!
  • Title posters "On The Cover Poster" and send it to Mashimaro Oh.
If you have no creativity, I vote you wander about Mashi's store, and get a feel for the place, check out the deco. Also, a note from me to jooo, don't send her total shit!!!

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