Saturday, March 7, 2009

Randoms Yay!

OK, some random goodies to fill your freebie sock.

First up, lucky chair boots by Vellas, a newish Neko shop. I hear there is a hunt there too, but I have yet to come online and investigate.

Next, bust out your dolly av, here are some skins for her! Well, i think they work well for a doll av anyway, but maybe you might like them for a regular av too. NexR has almost every skin in the store set for sale at 7L. A few are 77L, and some are 0L. Worth investigating! The eyes in the picture on the left were free there too. The green hair is in the lucky chair at Oujirushi and it is freaking awesome. If you don't want to wait you can get it for I think 30L (50L for a trans copy). The black hair is part of a free fatpack from RaN. I forgot the slurl but it is on the same sim as Oujirushi if you want to find it before I come back to get the slurl.
The purple top here is a subscribo gift from A Piece of Candy, paired with the B@R jeans freebie, available at the L/H HQ. The outfit in the middle is a hunt gift from Milestone Creations and includes the hat, dress, shoes, and legwarmers. Hunt out 10 sculpty clovers to complete the outfit. And finally the third dress is the latest freebie from D&L Ballroom. OK..hope you like!

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