Saturday, March 7, 2009

So the other day I was investigating vintagey goodness and started to feel the old fashioned creeping in. The world was turning black and white around me as I tried to take photos for the blog.

I tried to escape by going to a wonderful club and landed at a place called The New Champagne Rooms. But oh no! It was a vintage themed burlesque club! A really nice one too! I could feel myself absorbing the old time B&W. I'd better run!!

I landed at Moxie Polano's lucky chair and it was on an S. Good thing too! I brought the prize back to my home and felt a burst of color spill forth as I put the sketched design on. Oh beautiful day!

Dresses in first and second photos free from Vita Bella.
Dress in third photo lucky chair prize from Moxie Polano.
Film Noir skin in second photo 1L at the New Champagne Rooms.

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