Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sanbai Gaeshi

White day is coming up soon in Japan (on the 15th). For them its like 'valentine's day part 2'. See, in Japan, on Valentine's girls give the guy they like a gift, not the other way around. Kind of jacked up you might think, buuuuut, on White Day, the guys have to return the favor.
My favorite pet shop *M* is getting in on the fun, and has this amazingly cute White Day gift for you. This little hand held poodle is more than it seems! When you touch the bone, you get one for yourself, its so cute, just like everything else in the store, shame I've already bought like EVERYTHING. Oh well :D There is also a new head kitty in the lucky boards, this one is white, I'm assuming to help celebrate White Day, cause who doesn't love a holiday that revolves around giving girls gifts :x