Monday, March 9, 2009

Scribble Green Sale, Deviance, Jinx'd

Scribble is having a sale and pretty much everything in the store that is green is only 50L! The items are very high quality and generally priced much higher, so this is not a sale you want to miss! For example, I got this pack of green flats for only 50L and they come with a crap ton of ways to wear them, I have only shown three.

I also picked up this hair, this lamb shirt, the bubble ride, and a bunch more. Basically, I am now broke. But it was oh so worth it!

Also, Deviance sent out a subscribo group gift which included four pairs of HOT jeans. The sculpted leg part matches perfectly, I didn't have to do any adjusting at all! So happy. The Deviance group gifts are generally not available for redelivery, but if you join the group now more awesome gifts will surely come your way. And if you are already in the group, just send the owner an IM if you missed the delivery!

Finally, Jinx'd Voodoo has this 1L cute meditation skull in store. There are two sizes, one for kid avs and one for adult avs. I had to use the kid av size on Xonx though since she is kinda short. There is also a great cherry teeter-totter in the MM which I have yet to take a pic of, but I will update when I do!

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