Monday, March 9, 2009

Shoes and More

OK..last random post before bed.

Baby Monkey has some free goodies for you. Besides their MM and lucky chairs, there are gifts for adult and kid avs. The adult gift is this corset top, skirt and heels in St. Patty's Day prints:

The kid av gifts is so squeezably cute! The tee short, baseball hat, and skirt are cute enough but..the shoes. The teeny-tiny little bitty shoes! You know how kid avs (or small doll avs, or pixie avs, etc.) still have big feet and it looks crazy and bad? Well, Baby Monkey makes shoes so they make feet look small! Eeeee! I want a kid av now just so I can buy some. An 18 year old kid av who speaks proper English, of course XD

Next up, Duh! This store is great. I went there a while back and meant to blog it but totally forgot. yeah, I know, lame. But I'm here now blogging anyway! the heels are 1L and the boots are (I think) 10L. But the whole store is pretty much 20L or less...and the quality is actually good. Not like "Oh it's alright, but only 1L so I guess I'll buy it anyway." No...these are cute!

And more free shoes can be found if you join the Nikita Fride update group. These denim boots are not really my style, but I see the good quality in them, so I am posting them. I can imagine someone wearing them for like futuristic-cowgirl outfit. That could be cool!

And then accessories! Join the Nonko romankan group for this cute hair pin. Go to the store and buy for 0L. Also the amazing store Sanu has released another fantabulous gift. I even bared my bald head for you so you could see them better! The earrings, lip ring, and monocle are just to die for. Stay in this group to be informed of some of the best new releases coming out these days!!

OK..I'm tired now.

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Stabetha Paine said...

green boots are FREE right now xD