Monday, March 9, 2009

Striking Your Pure Sn@tch

Nice title.

Striking Poses has a bajillion dollarbies. They are always nice. I use them in most of my photos. Yet...I rarely blog them. Sometimes, not always. I want to change that. When I get a new pose I am going to tell you what it is! Here are three of the latest 1L poses from Striking Poses you might be seeing me use ( Monica Belluci, Kristen Stewart, Marlon Brando):

So nice, see?? Also, there is a group gift for subscribo members at the front of the store. This clover is really cute and I, of course, needed to sex it up. Mwa ha ha! There are two big clovers as well as a small hand held clover in the gift.

Next up, Pure Style has a new vote gift. Basically you just go to the store, hit the voting thing, and BAM new green dress for you. Woot! Love it.

And finally, don't forget to get this free gift from Sn@tch in store. No hunting required :P The dress, hat, and a candle are included; the cross necklace was a prixe from the lucky dip.

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