Saturday, March 7, 2009

S.I.C.ker and S.I.C.ker

Well if you were smart, you stayed in the Sick Resident group, or you rejoined earlier when I made the post about the hunt. Well, if you haven't yet, I recommend you get on it, because this hot ass jacket was just dropped in group.The eyepiece in the first picture isn't part of the group gift, but that jacket is ridiculous. You see that helmet behind my head? When you click on it, it mounts on your head and you look even more badass. You want the eyepiece? Just trust me on this one, you do. Well, while you were on your tryst today between the two Sick sims, you might have come across the slots parlor. The slots are awesome. 1L per play and a whole pile of prizes you can get. Not just from Sick either, there are slots for Kostnice and Guilty as well, but since I'm a straight up whore for Sick, I'm showing you Sick goodies.
If you missed your chance at a white sick outfit in last summer's CSR, well here is you chance to get an outfit that is somewhat similar. Its similar enough I'd say. But you can get a full set of clothes, as shown above, complete with boots. Which are hot. There is also a mystery prize, a gun you can get, and... the eyepiece I mentioned before. Love the eyepiece. Why? Because its also a typing override, as shown below. Don't tell me that isn't the most awesome typing override ever, because, to be perfectly blunt, it is.

You want to go to the slots parlor, this is the location. Keep in mind that the Sick sim has a diverted drop to in front of the Sick mainstore, so just follow the red beacon and arrow to get to the slots parlor, and blow your brains out, they are 1L slots, why not?

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Anonymous said...

Thank u for posting this. I was happy to win 2 items from the slots parlor. But as I was there trying my luck, someone commented that this is gambling. >_<