Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Stuff And Lots Of Words

Some stuff for guys in the form of t-shits...

There's tons of stuff at Kosh and Concrete Flowers for both genders as well as regular and weekly changing dollarbies. :3 Join the SOMs for updates.
The yellow wristband is last weeks but I think it's still a Linden. This week there are men's/unisex tops in six colours and a skirt set (not shown) in Kosh and rainbow socks and a rainbow pendant from Concrete Flowers. The stripey top is a regualr freebie / SOM gift from Concrete Flowers.

And for girls to pose for their guys...

The pole is from Imperial Elegance, there's two static poses in the pole and in regular animation format for taking sexy pictures for your loved one. :3 Or profile. Or portfloio. Or whatever. Needless to say the pole hates me but I got the better of it in the end. >.> You need to have the store in your picks to get it.

And for guys who aren't so into boobs. And girls who are.

The white ribbon is to show support for same sex marriages. Visit for more info. :3 You can pick up a full perm box at Figure 8.

Torn Tops / Yellow Wristband - Kosh - Weekly Dollarbie
Stripey Top - Concrete Flowers
Pole with Poses - Imperial Elegance - Profile Picks Gift
White Ribbon - Figure 8 - Freebie for support of same sex marriages
Skin - Tuli - Group Gift (as blogged by Wren)

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