Monday, March 2, 2009

No More Crazy Titles!

My brain is too lazy to think of titles today. Lazy brain! Aargh! Anyway.

Red Queen gave out this group gift hair today. I love it. Watch out though if you are a pink hater, it has a big pink hair band and is no mod! I do so love Red Queen hair. It makes my heart fill with glee. The necklace I'm wearing is from the Fairy Tail lucky board at the Love Soul mall. Kissable!

Next, I would like to send you to Tea Lane to pick up the Lisette skins. 2L for I think 6 tones! I do so love the colors of her skins too. A lot of times designers make darker-toned skins have this like weird under tint color I can't explain right and it looks bad. All of Tea Lane's darker toned skins look really nice though.

There is also a set of skins for 2L which contains some past gifts from hunts and the like, but also this super awesome Mariposa skin! Yay for butterflies!!!! The red hair is a group gift from Curio. to blog more goodies!

EDIT: you can change the scarf color by clicking on the hair! TY Anon!


Anonymous said...

You can click on the Red Queen hair and change the size and scarf colour.

sileny said...

:O I didn't realize you could change the scarf color! Now I love it even more!