Monday, March 2, 2009

Sugar and Spice

So tonight I went to a skin store on a tip because they apparently had a box with three free skins in it. And guess what? They were ripped skins. *sigh* I sent a note to the creator, but it left me with an icky taste in my mouth. BUT finding these good freebies and sharing them with you is sure to make me feel better, right??

First off, the sugar. UnPick has a new picks rewards gift. This pink dress comes as seen here, or with the option of wearing puffy sleeves and a more ruffle-y skirt. Gotta love the pink..unless you as Isabeau, in which case, you hate the pink. Hi Isabeau! lol. There is also a really nice set of eyes in the picks rewards area from little Bird, which you can't really see in this picture. The hair is a lucky board gift from W & Y Yuki. Love the whole pompadour feel to it. I forgot who TPd me to the lucky board, but you rock whoever it was! TY!

And now..the spice! Kayliwulf Kingdom, as you all should know by now, sets out wearable items for 10L as "demos" of their products. One of the newer "demos" is this naughty nurse latex set in the heliotrope color. And yes, it includes the shoes! I feel like giving someone a shot in the...arm. Go to Kayliwulf with a pocket full of Lindens because there are so many 10L items and you will want them all. Well, if you like latex you will :P But even if you are broke as a joke there are tables full of freebies and upstairs is even a free retro sofa for those who love furntiture. GAH I love this place.

The blonde hair is free at *eco* where you can also find some unisex hoodies free and a pair of unisex pants in the lucky board. I forgot the slurl, don't kill me :P


Jezabell said...

Question--what is a "ripped skin"?

sileny said...

It is a stolen skin. Like someone used a copybot to copy the skin and make it full perm so they could then do what they want with it and sell it. So, yeah, it is stealing basically.

Jezabell said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh ok, got ya. ty sileny.