Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tune Into FM!

Funky Monkey is moving sims and is having a sale!! Everything is 10L or less. Everything. They have great furniture, tattoos, accessories...and shoes! I bought all four pairs FM had up at the time and I am hoping there are more soon!

First up, the candy hearts shoes:

Then the sh*t kickers w/the big studs!

Next the rainbow brites with a particle option:

And finally, my fave of course, the cuppycakes! Yay!!! Mm..sweet cuppycakes.

There are also plenty of 1L and free goodies at FM too, such as this bumblebee inspired living room set:

Love it!! Go check it out, you'll find something to have fun with!

P.S.- the slurl might land you one of three places. Either 1. in FM. 2. In a store called Under the Sun, which is awesome and I will post more about in a sec and is right across from FM or 3. In a place that looks like a living room, in which case you just go down the multi-colored hole to get to FM.

Can you guess I totally suck at making slurls these days -.-


Casia Serpente said...

yay! love the shoes!!

sileny said...

YES! Everyone, thank Casia for the tip on the shoessss!