Monday, March 9, 2009

Very Random Part Deux

Ok more randomness for your mama.

GL Designs is having a sale and everything is only 50L. I picked up these texture change sweater boots today. There are a couple types of stripe to choose from and a whole buttload of colors of said stripes. Totally worth 50L. Also, there are three items hidden for only 5L through today only, in honor of the owner's 3rd rez day. Yay! Also lucky chairs and item camps to be found here.

Speaking of item camps, Likka House has a new Alice dress in the chair. This pretty green number can be yours if you camp for a whopping 20 minutes. Remember, if there is a line be nice and wait your turn! And check out the other items in the can have tons of them for under 30L.

Whonose has put a 1L dress in the L/H HQ if you haven't picked it up yet! I was talking with Elliandra a while back about how awesome this store is and it reminded me to inform you all of the dress in the HQ. The cute lace and pearls necklace is included!

Also, The Stringer Shrine is closing their Ivalde location so for today only the hairs are all 75% off!!! I got this cute retro style for only 44L and it includes several color options on the pack. There is even a 10L style somewhere in the just have to find it.

And finally, a nast dirty sexy thing. I have had this in my inv for a while, so I hope it is still available, but this is the latest free gift from Shi! The gifts usually only stay for a month, so hurry and grab this before it is gone if you are a kinky super freak. Yes, I covered my bits to remain PG :P

OK..go have the fun.


Wrenja said...

The gift from Shi has been updates, the cyan set is now like 145L, maybe 175 >.> can't remember. Its under 200.

sileny said...

ooh ok. It was the same yesterday *sigh* I'm always late to the ball. But under 200L is still a dang good price!