Monday, March 9, 2009

Dilly Dolls ans Skin!

Two things I love oh so much.

First up, go join the Pixeldolls subscribo if you haven't already for some reason and get you self this gorgeous skin for freeeee in the history. This skin is really pretty and come sin several different skin tone from light to dark. I love how you can see the little pores; it makes it look much more realistic.

OK. Now that you have the base of your av all hot with your new Pixeldolls skin, head off to Dilly Dolls to clothe yourself! Dilly Dolls is having a sale and everything is 70% off through March 15th. This makes some things very, very inexpensive. One set that I had to have was the Nurse set that was recently released.

The complete set costs 157L after the discount..but you get like TONS of stuff in it. Not only do you get the color change outfit (including red, white, black, pink, green...and lots more colors) but you also get the boots, the syringe doll key, the mask, the hat, and the lag strap with all the goodies attached. All these bits are color change too! You can buy the pieces seperate too for cheap cheap cheap.

Also, I feel obligated to tell you all about this super cute group gift from Dilly Dolls. But please note: this group is invite only and they do not take kindly to group jumpers! So be respectful and only take the gift if you are going to stay in the group, buy something, or both.

Ok..Dilly Dolls rocks. And Oriana, the owner, informed me of some fabulous shoes she's making that I can't wait for.

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