Wednesday, April 15, 2009

[20:00] Vasha Martinek: you can haz cyber bee

Changing things up this week a bit, Vasha and Dys at +DV8+ have some goodies for you!. First up are the stinger sets. You know deep down in your cyberpunk heart you've always wanted to be a sleek, shiny, and plastic, cyber bee. Well now you can! And it doesn't matter whether you're a boy or a girl, because there is a set for both of you!Each set is only 50L right now at +DV8+ for the rest of this week! The awesomey bangles I'm wearing above are also available non-striped for free in shop! These are complete sets, from hair to boots, for 50L, thats a deal that really can't be beat.
Unfortunately the Naga logged right as I was messaging him to inform him of my male modelness needing, so unfortunately you will not be graced by his version of 'magnum' today. So I did my best to show off the boy set myself, the boots are a bit large for females, but I have to admit, I'm pretty stylin in my hawk.
After you're done with that, make sure to stop by the Riot Vend, four pairs of boots, in two colors, Merlot and Aquanaught, in twooooooo styles, Eliminator and Persephone! These colors are exclusive to the Riot Vend and at lowest? The most you'll pay is 40L. That's 10L for each pair of boots!

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