Monday, April 6, 2009

Withering away =/

Today Ellie tipped me off about a closing sale at Withered Angles. Sad, as the product is love. Anyways, I stopped by and see what ticked my fancy, and by the door are two dollarbies, a collar and this lovely elegant necklace.

[WA] Diamond and Gold Necklace - 1L

I took a gander around, and the next piece caught my eye. I have a thing for lock-and-key themes, and this is too cute, and color change. There are matching earrings too.

[WA] Restrained Star Necklace - 25L

As I was shopping, Wrenny logged on and I knew she'd buy, so I TP'd her, and wrangled her into a corner to make her model off her purchases on demand! (Not really, but we can pretend I'm that mean to satisfy you proo-haters ;) kthx.)

[WA] Reversed Gothic Metal Cross - 25L

[WA] Coeur Noir Necklace - 25L
(A full set of braclets and all is just 50L!)

Drop in and grab the good before the store closes. There isn't much in the shop, but what is presented is certainly worth a gander if not a purchase, especially at such a wonderfually discounted price, when the quality deserves much more.

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