Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Frick-Day :3

Frick is on the move and new things are in the works, today (or yesterday as the case may be) Fricka Morgath sent out a group gift and a notice informing of upcoming skins and clothes, a new lucky chair, a hunt and future 7Seas prizes. Which all makes me happy 'cause I'm still using the Trickster and Cinder skins frequently and I could always use new make-ups. x:
The hunt has six 1L eggs scattered about the shop which are all quite large and easy to find.

Hunt prize of corseted tank tops, underwear and socks. :3 The tops come in a short and long versions.

The hunt skins in all sorts of pretty make-ups.

And I was lucky enough to get a wildcard on the board for these pretty freckled blue themed make-ups. :3

And lastly the new Noir skins in a grey tone. :3 Join the subscriber, click the box on it and follow the instrucitons.

And I think that's everything. (x

All skins / clothes - Frick - Easter Hunt / Lucky Chair / Group Gift

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