Monday, April 27, 2009

Thanks blogger; Hours later!

Hours after I initially made this post, Blogger finally lets me upload the damn photos.

Atomic put a LC down in their new shop, and loaded it up with five of their creations. I've been sitting in there all morning, off and on, and finally got the top I was dying for. I have it in Zeeb, now I have it in Leopard. Anyways, Wrenny joined me, and below are three of the five items in the chairs.

On Wren; Rising Sun
One Proo; Leopard Love @ OMG T-shirt
All in the LC at Atomic

This shirt, perfectly displays how I feel about how some Unifreebs have come back into circulation, as if they were hot shit, like the Champagne Corset from Femdom Group. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get how it's acceptable to show your appreciation for your group, by giving them a Unifreeb you can get at any freebie store. That to me, is a weak move. While one of the better SimCo created freebies ruling the grid, it still doesn't make it right, or great. I guess it's the trend to get disillusioned about what really is worth showing other people, to stay fit with the waves of popularity? Beats me. Go get you some Atomic goodies. Chair is on 20 mins, so grab friends.

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