Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's a beautiful day, I mean, have you ever seen the most brilliantly colored photograph, in a printer or camera commercials, and thought "Life doesn't look like that?" Man, today it does. The sky is crayon blue, with perfectly drawn clouds white spotting it at random. I love it.

Aside from the amazing weather here, you can get some equally happy gifts today, if you run over to the newly moved shops Roseo and M, on their new home the Rogue Forest sim! You can frolic under water, through their shops and pluck mushrooms.

In my mushy-plucking adventure, I adopted two new cats, mighty fat ones at that, and appropriately named them. Here you see Hempycat pudging on my noggin, and Naritacat weighing me down. I couldn't help but name them after two of my favorite people, esp with the ongoing name calling we have; these adorable chubby kitties suit that fun-play. I love my fatcats, they are so cute.

Head Cat & Back Cat; FatCat White
Mushies; *Roseo* (Two sizes, three colors. ONE of the THREE mushrooms in Roseo)

Skirt; *Roseo* Mushroom
Stockings; *Roseo* Mushroom

Alrighty, just TP here, look around the two shops, and buy the little mushrooms. There are three in Roseo, two in M. Have a good week this week kids!

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Narita said...

nartotkat noms you! XD