Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I R Lovin' My New Skins

I've totally found the deal beyond all deals for skins... Indie Rainbow's opened up a shop on the new Harold sim, offering megafat packs of skins - a WHOPPING 20 different makeup styles for only $1L! O.o Can you friggin' believe it?!?! There's a whole wall of them, in lots of different skin tones. And the makeup... So colorful. So fun.

Skin: *IR* Sunkissed - Watermelon

Skin: *IR* Sunkissed - Purple Eyes

Skin: *IR* Sunkissed - Punk Eyes - Blueeye

Skin: *IR* Sunkissed - Passion

*IR* Sunkissed - Miss Modern

Full luscious lips + funky eyeshadow?
Grab every broke-ass newbie alt you can find & hook 'em up!

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