Monday, April 13, 2009


There is a charming little shop I would love for you all to know about. It is called La'licious, the creation of former Dollz Town sim owner Amaliscious Destiny. Her designs are gorgeous her builds grand and I am a big fan. Her once retro and homespun creations have evolved into a high fashion and old Hollywood feel. Lush textures and great attention to detail will keep you coming back for more! La'licious is still a work in progress, but there are two nummie lucky board items and a group gift available in the shop! Take a look! ~La'liscious~ Silk dream blouse - Group gift available for purchase
at the shop with group tag activated

~La'liscious~ Moccacino pumps - Lucky board prize 10 min

~La'liscious~ Tray of makeup - Lucky board prize 10 min
If you like what you see at La'liscious go have a look around. Right down the block you will find Amaliscious's Burlesque club called Divalesque! I'm a huge fan of burlesque, I my self dance burlesque in secondlife fulfilling the glamorous fantasy of pin-up goddess. Divalesque is an absolutely beautiful build pink cascading from every corner, fluffy with feathers and fantasy. Yum.
Open Thurs-Sunday 6-8pm SLT.

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