Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Mine

Valentine's has been over for two months, White day a month. But that doesn't mean that the Sera Korea sim can't have a white day game out for you to play! My favorite Cutey Magic called me over this morning because she found the most fantastic dress set, and she gave me the low down. So first of all, you and your boyfriend, or just best friends want to go together, cause you're going to need a couple of people for this.It was an event for White Day, that they've left out for the past month, and I dunno how much longer it will be around, but its fun and the prize makes it totally worthwhile! To win this lovely dress, you have to play a game. You'll sit down on the strawberry, click the plate and then press the button in the dialogue box that pops up. The goal is to collect 200 candies before time runs out! It might take a couple of tries, but I promise you'll get it :D You'll be given a Candy Bouquet when you win!
after that, you'll cross over to the poseball area with the heart and candles, and equip the candy bouquet. If you're the one with the bouquet, sit on the blue pose ball, get someone else to stand on the pink pose ball, and another set of dialogue boxes will pop up. Whether you're on the pink or blue ball, always click the first button. This will give the prize to whoever is on the pink pose ball, so its worth it to bring a couple of friends and you all play the game to get the bouquet so you can all get the dress.
Make sure all of your friends end up with a bouquet, they are no transfer, so unfortunately you can't just get a bunch and give them away. In the end you'll walk away with the pretty dress, and a nice pair of matching shoes, and hopefully you and your friends will beeven closer! Have fun kids.

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