Saturday, April 18, 2009

something something SinDecade

This morning I woke up, determined to finally get the gifties I'd been sitting on the past few days posted. I thought to myself 'I know! I'll go to SinDecade and shoot there and it will be good.'. I promptly forgot. So I ended up on the China sim, which is equally pretty and fun for taking photos, and as soon as I was about to get my shot, the building crumbled beneath me.Ameni M Hana Jacket - Lucky Chair Prize

I got one shot in before being beckoned for help and hours later, I remembered 'Photoshoot at SinDecade!'. And so, here I am, rocking my new Ameni M Hana gear, lounging in my newest obsession, the Shelby lounge chair from SinDecade. The lounger is amazing, its texture change, with fun sit poses packed inside, it retails for 500L, and you should totally buy like 10 for me :D

Back to Ameni M Hana. They are a Japanese clothes/bikini/skin shop, not too well known on the english blgos that I know of at least. I decided to do a run through the other night and found a lovely little gift bag, and two prizes in the new lucky chair in the store! One prize is the lovely silver jacket top I'm wearing in the first photo, and the other is the naughty little bikini se you see below!

The Bikini set has piles of layer options and two different top styles for you to choose from. And we know that I loooove pink (I also love SinDecade. Teehee.) so I sat around and luckily, didn't have to wait too long to get both gifts. On one last note, the hair I'm wearing is Astonia from Eat Rice! And their final closing sale starts tomorrow! 70% off of EVERYTHING, so you know I'll be there, with bells on. Maybe ribbons too. I love ribbons.


Archan Allen said...

Hellow, Archan Allen here (Bounce owner), I'm very happy to see you like my gift for the Hbox hunt! thanks for the article :3

Wrenja said...

Of course! I thought the gift was beautiful, I've been running around in it since I got it :D