Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mashooka Hunt

To celebrate the shop's 2nd anniversary & the opening of a new sim, Mashooka is having a hunt! You have until Sunday, March 3rd, to find 19 teeny tiny little gift boxes. All of the boxes from Mashooka are free and they are filled with loads of loveliness. Enjoy! ;)

Dress - :MD: Esther {green} - FREE
Bracelet - :MD: churiya traditional {royal green} - FREE

Shirt - :Mashooka: Blouse Meena {green} - FREE
Pants - :Mashooka: pantalon {lightbeige} - FREE
Purse - :Mashooka: purse Nisha {beige} hand - FREE
Bracelet - :MD: churiya traditional {saloni red} - FREE

Dress - :MD: Saree Senna {red} - FREE

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