Monday, April 13, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

Hey guys!

Well, when it rains it pours right? I was just finishing up the hunt list and I heard a huge amount of glass break, I rush to go see what it was, A rock flew through our second story window, slammed into the teak china cabinet, broke the glass in the door and some of the crystal in the china cabinet demolished. The living room is covered in glass and fibers from the curtains the rock ripped through, and life is looking beautiful right about now! Anyway, hunts! Most of them are pretty good, when I was investigating the starfish mall hunt I noticed that paradisis is involved, and they're pretty popular, so I'd suggest checking that one out, as well as Malt, Scribble and the other ones I reccomended last week. This Sunday is going to be the end of a lot of hunts, so its time to stop slacking!

Albero - Through the 19th
Ai Yai Yai easter egg hunt - Through the 19th
Alienbear Jewelry hunt - Through the 15th
Best of SL easter egg hunt - Through April 18th
Bunny Hop Grid Wide - Through April 19th
Crave Egg Hunt
Dare Designs - Tentatively through May 1st
Go Fish Hunt - Through the 30th
Go Fly a Kite grid wide -Through April 19th
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Heavenly Treasures Hunt -Through April 19th
iTutu Hunt - Through the 19th
Loco Pocos - Through April 30th
Magia Accessories -Ongoing
MiaSophia Midnight Garden hunt - Through April 19th.
MALT - Through the 26th
Moonstar designs - New Easter hunt
Psychotic Neko
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
Scribble GW - Through the 19th
Spring is in the Air GW - starts April 1st
Starfish Mall - Through the 15th
Sway's Easter Hunt - Through April 14th
Tiny Sim - ongoing (One new prize this week!)
Top Designers hunt
Torres Mall hunt

C'mere and clean my house! xD

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