Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? H-E-M-P!

So I found this FREE Spongebob Squarepants Avatar in the most unlikely of places.. Tigerclaw! One of Wrenja's favorite places one that she turned me onto. Tigerclaw mainly has futuristic cyber punk inspired warez but, Gon Xue is really creative and there are some very interesting finds! I wouldn't have expected our porous and yellow friend to show up at Tigerclaw but by golly he is there amongst the 3873420 other Freebies you can find! And its a pretty good Spongebob avatar it had three different facial expressions which change automatically. My favorite are his shoes you can see them better in the second picture. If I was going to go there.. I was gonna go all the way!
The pineapple house behind us you can find for free HERE on Xstreet. From Sarah Nerd.

Under the sun: Spongebob and Patrick ensemble on sale now only 10L each usually 100L just about everything in the store is 10L go take advantage now while you can!
The Yellow hair in this picture is from the Deviant Kitties item camp chairs! 100 mins
Pink hair is a past love soul lucky chair prize.

Gary the Snail shoulder pet: 1L HERE on Xstreet (I forgot to put him on in the pics) boo
To find the spongebob avatar when you get to Tigerclaw look for the Freebie area once you rez, there is a whole wall full of freebies like over 30 of them also a Bunny hop egg many things worth having some of which have been blogged by Wrenja the Spongebob avatar is on the top right.

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