Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're All Mad for Madcow!

One of SL's best and most beloved builders, Madcow Cosmos, has brought the super awesomeness to the grid, yet again. This time in the form of 3 different kinds of tiny avatars, that you get to design yourself & keep for FREE! I know, too much awesome! XD

You can customize your avatars by teleporting to 3 different fabulous locations and selecting parts from loads of different options. Instructions are very simple, but you can check out Bettina Tizzy's machinima over at the vital-to-your-virtual-life blog NPIRL to see how it's all done. Each location offers a different style of avatar, each incredibly adorable, imaginative and fun! We gathered the kids together on this one to showcase just some of what's available.

Start off at Madcow's shop Primordial Soup, to get yourself a Goblin Avatar. Check out the rest of his shop, or his Xstreet account, while you're there & show the man some Linden Love for this incredibly generous gift! (Clicky on the pictures to get a better view of them.)

Left to Right: Butthole, Wrenja, Hempy, Narita & Prudence

Next stop, the Museum of Robots for your Robot Avatar! This sim is a showcase of all kinds of famous robots you know and love, plus they offer FREE B-movies on Friday nights at 5pm SLT. In addition to the Madcow avatars, there's also a FREE Eggbot Avatar in a big pink box set out right by the Madcow avatar maker. Hempy is modeling it in the photo below.

Left to Right: Wrenja, Naga, Butthole, Hempy, Narita & Prudence

And last, but certainly not least, head over to Alien Isles for your Alien Avatar! These little boogers even come with a HUD full of goofy sounds from Lorin Tone, that you can select while designing your avatar. And the Alien Isles sim is full-on Madcow awesomeness to explore and enjoy in your new alien creations. There are loads of elements from his previous builds in Plasma Co. Mining Colony on the Rezzable sims. So, now's your chance to see what you missed! Tons to see and do. And lots of reasons to fall in love with the brilliance that is Madcow. :D

Left to Right: Narita, Butthole, Prudence, Wrenja & Hempy

While you're out exploring these great sims and playing with your new FREE toys, show a little class & please DONATE to the sims to thank them for hosting all this great stuff. Sims don't come cheap and it is only because of their generosity that you get to have any of this fun at all. So, ya know, be a decent human being under that goofy avatar and give what you can. Every Linden makes a difference!

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