Monday, April 6, 2009

color SPLAT!

While I was hanging out with Prudence at Sisters, the oh-so-licky Andel came hopping in looking... colorful. She told me there was a newww camp at De La Fae, and I raaaan. I ran so far awaaaaay. Oh... right, not flock of seagulls time. Anyway, I headed over to De La Fae, and sat my happy ass down for 90 minutes. I was rewarded with this.De La Fae Easter Bunneh set - Camp for 90 minutes, or 2k
Magika Lil' Punk hair - 10L per color of 60L for the fat pack

The set is retailing for 2k right now, so if you can't be chuffed to sit for an hour and a half, feel free to pay for it, but really? Camp! The hair doesn't come with it, but its TOTALLY cheap. You might recognize it, its that proliferous Lil' Punk style from Magika. I've lusted over it for a long time, but it always managed to stray from my mind when I was in a super shopping mood. Well, not today! Its on the 10L sale wall! So after you sit your butt down for a bit, go blow a couple of L on some hot new hair!

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