Monday, April 6, 2009

Giusia, Pididdle, [42], Lurvebite & oh hi!

Who's the luckiest girl on the grid? Me! XD

And who's me? Hi! I'm Narita & I have a bunch of little shops in SL called *Ticky Tacky*. I make jewelry & occasional cracked out gifties, all for dirt cheap - cause I'm a cheapass & I can't charge what I wouldn't be willing to pay myself. lol

Anyway, the all too fabulous ladies here at Love/Hate have asked me to join them & I couldn't be more flattered, touched or thrilled. I've been adopted by awesomeness! Not only do I dig these girls in all kinds of inappropriate ways, but I've been a huge fan of the blog for a long time. So this is a real treat. I gots the warm & fuzzies! XD

Ok, so this post ain't all about me it's about the goods! So let's talk freebies & bargains! :D

First up, there's a hunt on at the Giusia sim! Of course, I can't find any information about how long the hunt will be on for, but there are 6 prizes, all $1L each. 2 tops, 2 skins, a dress & a pair of men's jeans - $6L total. Can't go wrong. Plus, cute!

Dress: - Giusia - GLORIA 04 - $1L

Top: - Giusia - JENNY Green - $1L

Top: - Giusia - KARU 01 - $1L

Skin: - Giusia - Dark Skin 07 - $1L

Skin: - Giusia - Freckles Skin 07 - $1L
Eyes: [42] [Goth Whites #1] - FREE

Not only am I showing off the new free eyes from [42] in that last pic, but also the adorable hair flower that comes with this rad dress I picked up at the Pididdle clearance sale. Only $50L & look how sweet!

Dress: >Pididdle< - Echo Dress - $50L

Ugh - that skirt is liquid - love. And speaking of Pididdle, all of the poses in this post are from a box of Old Poses I picked up there. 22 poses for only $50L - a steal! I piled them all into the Empty Modifiable Pose Stand that I sent out to the *Ticky Tacky* Subscribe-o-Matic Group this week (join the group & check History for a box called Odds & Ends). Then I whipped out the FREE Photo Studio in the Photographer's Kit from Couture Chapeau & lived out a few supermodel fantasies. Copious amounts of loud dance music helps it all feel real XD

Couture Chapeau - Photographer's Kit - FREE

*Ticky Tacky* Empty Modifiable Pose Stand - FREE (group gift)

And that dress? Snagged that from the [lurvebite] lucky chair during the MiaSophia Hunt.

Dress: [ lurveBite ] Cotton Candy Pink - 3 Dress Combo (lucky chair prize)

I am cotton candy. Eat me!