Monday, April 6, 2009

All Spelling Mistake Courtosy of Tiredness

(And bad spelling skills. But also tireness.)
There's a million and one hunts going on at the minute and I'm only half way through Bunny Hop. :/ But I have been picking up things as I go from hunts like Go Fly A Kite and Spring is in the Air. I wish I could do them all as one of my favourtie things about the hunts is finding new stores that are jsut starting and I think SugarHolic might be one to watch.

They have a few colourful skins, which I always think the grid could use more of and their rather awesome Spring is in the Air hunt prize are these safety-pinned ears and pericings. :D
They aren't near as big as my normal ears and if you tend to wear bigger hair they will get a bit lost but this may not be a bad thing as not everybody wants half-a-foot-long bat ears like me. x:

Ears and Piercings - SugarHolic - Spring Is In The Air egg hunt

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