Monday, April 20, 2009

Somebody Do My Inventory :/

And give me two inventory boxes at the bottom 'cause I keep closing second windows trying to open them from that button. :/
I'm attempting to organise inventory by going through my LMs and making more. All the smart people are using notecards but I'd be so bad at organising them I'd never find anything and they would be pointless. :/ (This is a way of procrastinating doing the clothing and hunts folders.)
There's some pretty old LMs in here, I think the oldest are from March last year and then there's all the NCs I'll have to go through after. x:
The good thing about LM organising is finding old shops with new things or new shops that aren't so well known. Like Cheap Love Song.

Do not be fooled by my girly shape, the last two T-shirts are aimed at men, hence the ab shading. x:
There's also a few dollarbies in store for men and women.

Bikini / T-Shirts - Cheap Love Song - SOM Join gift / Notices

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Spudgy Dean said...

Thanks for the wonderful post! I totally feel you on the inventory. And it's just gotten worse over time. Thanks again.