Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lucky All in one!

Today is a day of many Lucky Chairs. No joke. We have three to gab about in this post. First off, Dutch Touch has a lucky chair out, with FOUR outfits in it! Need I say more? Next up, you need to run by Slow Kitchen, and don't AFK, or you'll miss out on the THREE adorable AFK prop tools sitting in the chair waiting for you to use them! Lastly, and most certainly not least, go to Love Soul, everyone's favorite, and plop down on the new toilet chair, or the regular one, for some of the new, sweet goods.

From Dutch Touch!

Left to Right
Mashi; Slske 2009
Ace; GuS ComBi
Narita; LoNDOn Blue
Alisia; Cadigan Hoodie VioletPurple
The chair is 60 minutes, so grab a group of friends, or you're in for a wait.

Slow Kitchen wahh!?

Proo on blocks; (Slow Kitchen)AFK_box
Narita fixing her face; (Slow Kitchen)AFK_compact
Alisia playing; (Slow Kitchen)AFK_train

Love Soul <3x10

Left to Right
Alisia; Strawberry Leggings (NEW)
Proo; [ Love Soul ] Lolipop candy*Orange*
Inclinations; Secret Prize 9 - Popie - Blonde (NEW)
Narita; Secret Prize 12 - Lolipop candy*Skull*Purple (NEW)
(Lucky Toilet Chair. You have to sit down for 5 minutes, and try to contain yourself while you watch your av battle a tummy bug on the loo. If you can manage, you win a skully loli!)

In the LC at LoveSoul, you'll also find cow pumps (from new years) and bright new nails!
AND, Inclinations informed me, the Picks Reward was also updates yesterday. Go, enjoy.

In the first, and last photos, the poses used are from On The Cover, my favorite store to shamelessly promote, as I adore the owner to pieces (Even if she spites me in the last photo, haha!) Anyways, the first pose is her Charlies Angles set, a classic to recreate. The latter pose is her four-girl The Hill pose set, and oldy, but a goody! Go, indulge yourself in some On The Cover poses!

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