Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AiYaiYai! More Eggs!

If you haven't heard, there's an Easter Egg Hunt on at AiYaiYai! You have until April 19th to find 20 eggs - only $1L each! And the clothes are so fun - loads of funky separates to mix & match with your wardrobe, plus 2 scarves, a pair of shoes & a hat.

Look how excited I am about my new shiny pink pants! XD

Shirt: ..::A.Y.Y::.. Geisha Kitty - $1L
Pants: ..::A.Y.Y::.. Kai's Leggings Pink - $1L

Ugh - these zebra print jeans might just be my new favorites...

Shirt: ..::Ay..yai..yai::.. Bad Kitty Tank - $1L
Pants: ..::Ay..yai..yai::.. ZebraLegs Blue - $1L

How do you not run around like a crazy lady in these clothes?

Shirt: ..::A.Y.Y::.. Sandy Candy - $1L
Pants: ..::A.Y.Y::.. Randomize Jeans (5) - $1L

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