Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bunny-Head Chronicles

I am a huge fan of MiaSnow and Sofia London! When I heard about the hunt today I was excited, but even more so when I found out they redid their land! Once the lag from the hunt subsided I was able to explore and I was not disappointed! I just love how they use color whenever I go there I feel as if I'm in a dream. I wore my Miasnow Purple Poofy tail and Bunny head! I just love how expressive the eyes are. I'll show you all three types which you can get from the MiaSnow Fried egg hunt. The rest of my outfit is from .:Nosotr@s:. ! No hunt this time just go to the entrance and buy the giant peep of your choice. For only 5L you can buy this low cut jumper, net shrug, bunny feet with peep legwarmers, ears, tail, gloves, belt, tattoo! woo..
That's allot for 5L! There is a Peep for guys too! (ears/tail/belt/tat not shown)
I arrived in the Midnight Gardens my eyes wide with wonder.
Sat in a tree.. just the peeps and me.
I Found some friends along the way.
In the Midnight Gardens we drift away.

Head: MiaSnow Accessorie Black,Blonde,Pink hair
all FREE from the Fried egg hunt on till 4/19.
Outfit: .:Nosotras:. Jumpsuit,Bunny feet,Peep legwarmers,
Net shrug, gloves, ears, tail, tat I think that's it haha
Pics taken around MiaSnow and Sofia London's Midnight Gardens
home to MiaSnow, Lurvebite, JAS, House of Munster, and Tekeli-li! Wee!

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